About Us and our Classes

We are a café serving gourmet plant based organic living foods with an extensive family of wonderful raw food chefs & certified health educators.

We offer raw food classes, personal chef services, catering and weight-loss coaching.

In the Gourmet Raw Living Foods Plant-Based culinary classes we cover amazing recipes that would delight & astonish the most selective foodies around. Each class is hands-on, where you will be using all the equipment and machinery involved in this gourmet cuisine preparation. You are supplied with all the organic vegan gluten free non-gmo living food ingredients you need in the classes - all covered in the cost of tuition.

The recipes have been tried and tested. They are "Best in Class". Come learn from experienced hand-on chefs and enjoy the wonderful benefits of the healthier lifestyle choices that come with eating living foods cuisine.

We also have classes for Detoxification, Healing & Lifestyle Modification.

The information presented in these classes will empower students with the knowledge, skills, and ability to detox as well as sustain themselves upon their wellness journey.

The courses are expansive and cover many topics that are essential to successful healing and health maintenance.

We provide protocols on various types of raw food healing philosophies ranging from low fat raw vegan to high quantity clean super green & sprouts. We cover many critical topics such as how to overcome social, physical, and emotional pitfalls from detoxification and lifestyle choices.

We do also address current misinformation and controversies.

This education is crucial for anyone who wishes to achieve the ultimate levels of health resulting in the highest quality of life - spiritually, emotionally, physically & mentally. 

Raw living food lifestyles are amazing - come learn and be transformed!

Located in the Plantation Village Shopping Center

THE GREEN WAVE CAFE      5221 West Broward Blvd   Plantation, Florida   33317      Telephone (954) 581 - 8377

Monday – Saturday 11:30 am – 9 pm  and  Sunday 11:30 am – 4 pm