The Green Wave Weekly Meal Plans

 Your Weekly Meal Plan will include our delicious organic plant, nut & seed based Healthy Gourmet Green Wave Cuisine for you to take home and enjoy at your leisure, to incorporate with your regular meals for a more balanced nutritional approach during the week or for days when you just need a break from the normal routine and are just looking for fresh, flavorful, prepared foods. Whether you’re seeking healthier options to eat instead of your favorite foods or making choices due to health or diet restrictions - this is the perfect program. What better way then to honor yourself through healthier food choices that will aid in maintaining optimum energy & a greater sense of well being by eating raw living foods - this can be the beginning of a beautiful lifestyle choice - on the path to total wellness.

You Deserve It!

Your meal plan will allow you all the nutritional benefits of plant based living foods without the time consuming labor and effort involved in preparation. Your freshly prepared meals will be available for pick up on the day and time you select.  In addition, your meal plan package is deeply discounted from the menu prices offered in the cafe - thus saving you money if items were purchased alone

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All items are Vegan, Raw, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Gluten-Free, Non GMO, Organic and so so Yummy!


3 DAY PLAN       

The 3 day meal plan package will be picked up 1 day a week.    

The total package for the week includes the following:

6 Entrees

6 (choices of soup or salad)

3 Desserts

3 Appetizers

1 Drink (A freshly made Drink available on pick up day)

Pick up Frequency: 1 Day a Week (your choice of Day & Time)

Discounted Price: $135 (plus tax) - valued at almost $166


The 5 Day package will be picked up TWICE A WEEK - 2 different days of your choice & time.       

3 days worth of meals on pick up day #1 and then 2 days worth of food on pick up day #2.

The total package for the week includes the following:

10 Entrees

10 (choices of soup or salad)

5 Desserts

5 Appetizers

2 Drinks (Freshly made Drink available on each pick up day)

Pick up Frequency: 2 Days a Week (your choice of Day & Time)

Discounted Price: $215 (plus tax)  - valued at almost $300

Located in the Plantation Village Shopping Center

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